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The Appia Wholesale Program is for Voice Service Providers (VSPs) and Communication Service Providers (CSPs) that wish to sell services using Appia services within their product offerings. Wholesale partners are responsible for all customer contact including service, support, billing, and sales. Appia will provide marketing and sales engineering support to our wholesalers to grow their business. There is a minimum commitment of $750 per month to join the program.

Click here for Wholesale Telephone Number Portability Lookup. If you need a password please use the contact form to request your password.

key features

  • Origination Services from 94% of the United States
  • Local Number Portability
  • Directory Listing
  • Virtual Number Assignment
  • MPLS and Internet Access Nationwide

Our Tier 1 voice network is fully meshed to provide redundancy across all paths, regardless of whether the call traverses our MPLS network, IP network or both, for fast re-route. We offer origination services in 94% of the United States and can port numbers in most parts of the country.

origination services

  • Nationwide DIDs
  • Toll-free
  • Directory Listing
  • E911

termination services

  • Quality national & international routes
  • Redundant carriers for self healing termination in the event of an outage
  • E911 (Where available) & 911 services standard
  • US Long Distance billed in 6/6 increments
  • International (Excluding Mexico) billed in 30/6 Increments
  • Mexico billed in 60/60 increments

network technologies

  • SIP/IAX Protocols Supported
  • g.711/g.729/t.38 codecs Supported (subject to limitations)

advanced network services

  • T1 to Metro Ethernet QoS Access
  • Nationwide MPLS
  • VPN connectivity (hardware and software)

hosted services

  • Hosted Cisco CallManager
  • Hosted Appia Video Communicator - with optional whitelable branding

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